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Title Years of Experience Brief Synopsis

Physician - Occupational Medicine

 19 years experience

*built occ med clinic *built urgent care clinic *strength is building *went from 0 - 200 employers *trains physicians , MRO *very complete project manager *has high contract retention rate

 Chief Medical Officer   15 years experience, New England *MBA *EHR Expert *Quality Chief *Physician Educator
 Director of Pharmacy  13 years experience, Boston 

*very efficient *six sigma *pharmacy operations *process improvement *regulatory expertise

 Chief Executive Officer - Hospital   25 years experience, Open

*strategic thinker *strategic planner, detailed planner *strength is his vision *operational leadership *situational leadership

 Controller - Hospital  20 years experience, East coast, Florida 

*proven skills in Healthcare finance/accounting management *vested in the fiduciary responsibilities  *expertise in budgeting, finance, accounting, tax prep, auditing, decision support

 Director of Pharmacy, Hospital  15 Years experience, Florida  

*has 797 training*supervised IV techs*strong work ethic*comfortable in fast paced environments*quality minded*mentor/ teacher

 Director of Case Management  11 years experience, Houston, TX  

*found case management - found her passion*likes a challenge*strength is knowledge of case management*works well with physicians*works well with community resources

 Operating Room RN  5 years experience, Yonkers NY  

*works well with all staff including Physicians, Nurses and Technicians*exceptional time management skills, can prioritize well*organized*always punctual*compassionate

 Director of Surgical Services  17 years experience, South East  

*passion for nursing*several years of knowledge*knowledge within the community*great Physician  relations/skill

 Physical Therapist  


12 years experience, Fairfiled County, CT   *vast history & experience *strength is her ability*has amazing hands *very patient focused